5 S’s to Build Your Self Esteem

With high self-esteem comes a better life. Whether you’re a student, an aspiring employee or even a business owner, how you view yourself is an impetus to your success.

When it comes to being on top of your game, then it pays to have a high self-esteem. If you’re struggling with yourself, then worry no more. Below are the 5’s to boost your self-esteem and in turn, level up your quality of life.


1. Start small.

Before you try and accomplish bigger goals, start with something small. It could be anything— from cleaning up your cabinet, tidying your room or even finishing a book.

It doesn’t matter how minute your goal is. Once you complete it, you gain confidence, momentum and an increased self-worth. This way, you’re going to feel better about yourself in achieving grander goals.


2. Set realistic expectations.

One of biggest mistakes people make is they give themselves false expectations. The pressure you give yourself when you say, “I have to earn my first million by the time I’m 35 or else I’m going to be a failure” won’t really help you attain such goal.

Set yourself at a good pace and with realistic expectations. A more tangible goal would be to be living in your own place and earning a decent salary when you’re 35. This way, you won’t beat yourself up with unnecessary disappointments.


3. Stop comparing yourself with others.

It’s always better to be yourself rather than a version of someone else. Your continuous comparison can only mold you into an insecure, at times paranoid person. It’s like giving up already when things haven’t even started yet.

Having a sound self-esteem means you respect yourself and would want nothing more than to become the best version of you. Once you have a sense of identity, your goals and dreams as well as the way you achieve them will be all you— and people will give you high regard for it.


4. Strive for better diet choices.

Your physical health directly affects your mental health. This is why you need to strive for better food and beverages in order to keep you energized and ready every time.

Imagine eating loads of junk food everyday. This leaves you nowhere but on the couch, daydreaming instead of getting out there and actually making these dreams happen. So start packing up on fresh veggies, fruits and healthy meals for you to be always on the go.


5. Stretch your comfort zone.

No one ever became successful without taking risks. This is why you need to learn how to stretch your comfort zone and experience the world the best way possible.

Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes when you try your knack at something. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t know and certainly don’t back out on something you’ve never tried before.

The beauty of having a high self-esteem is that you can honestly say to yourself that you are going beyond the familiar and comfortable. So go ahead and try something new today.


Boosting your self-esteem entails a lot of work but certainly entails a lot more benefits. Keep these 5 S’s in mind and start building your way to the top.

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